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Stop guessing about your audience. Make better decisions today with Civic Explorer.

Actionable insights for your causes

Civic Explorer helps advocacy organizations, trade associations, and political groups understand their communities better through our data and visualization in order to plan and execute more impactful campaigns.

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Comprehensive Data

Understand your communities' demographics and civic behaviors with our rich voter and commercial data.

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Tracking Sentiments

Get the pulse on the top issues and track sentiments over time with our weekly surveys, all included as part of your Civic Explorer access.

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Data Visualization

Get access to beautiful, intuitive, report-ready maps and charts with actionable insights for your organization.

Intuitive Interface

Instantly browse our data or define your community through the import feature and filters, no SQL experience required.

"Helm’s data and what we were able to do with it in Arkansas was the difference maker. We wouldn't have been able to make the ROI on innovative activations without being able to contact so many more voters.

Our Helm R&D collaborations are helping us reach more people with less budget and increasing our ability to play in more issues and geographies."

Alex Kaplan
Vice President of Policy & Campaigns
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Frequently asked questions

What is Civic Explorer™?

Civic Explorer is a data and visualization platform from Helm that allows you to gain insight into communities’ demographic breakdowns and measurements of civic engagement. With Civic Explorer, you can define and compare various communities using various geographic, demographic, and civic engagement metrics – leveraging those insights to better plan programs and allocate resources.

What’s Civic Score™? How is it calculated?

Civic Score is our proprietary individual-level index that measures each individuals’ level of civic engagement. It’s composed of a diverse range of civic behaviors, including those that we can directly observe (like voting or donating) and those that we model based on broader contextual inference (like volunteering at a soup kitchen or contacting an elected official). When we roll this score up to the community-level, we can see how a given community compares to the national average or other communities in terms of how engaged they are in civic life.

How can I use Civic Score?

Civic Score is a powerful starting off point for program planning. Rather than focusing on a single dimension of civic behavior like voting, it lets you take a broader view and ideate on which communities are ahead of the curve and how your organization could get more involved to help drive increased civic engagement.

Where does this data come from?

Civic Explorer leverages a range of observed and modeled data on individuals’ characteristics and behaviors, each of which are kept updated and often range back to 2010: Individuals' and households' characteristics (demographics, vote history, etc.) derived from: - Voter file data - Commercial data - Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data - Individual-level survey data, leveraging Helm's phone, online panel, and digital/RDE surveys - Fundraising and donor data (individual contributions at the federal and state levels, including donor characteristics) - Models and indices (Civic Score, partisanship, beliefs on issues, etc.)

How often is the data updated?

The frequency of updates depends on many factors, including geography, proximity to elections, and data source – but we push out major updates every month.

How can I get access to Civic Explorer?

We're giving a limited numbers of 1-month free trial to Netroots Nation 2021 attendees. Please sign up in the form below to get started. After that, take advantage of our early adopter price at $5,000/year from now until the end of 2021.

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